game hosting

Hosting for game will require the download and installation of files on a computer

The game hosting has been the most needed parameter nowadays since kids and gamers are attracted to hosting their own servers so that people or their friends can easily connect to these servers and thereby they can enjoy the game themselves. Also, in order to have a faithful competition there are different serve4rs which are hosted every now and then by different users and gamers. Minecraft has been growing drastically for its varying games and game experience and thus many gamers are attaching themselves to the Minecraft servers. The important factors that determine the server hosting needs are the speed of the server, the type of the server, the space allocated by the service provider, the cost at which the server is provided and any other additional facilities that accompany. Also, the support team needs to be available anytime and every time. There are different services provided at different costs.

The factors that determine the cost are as follows:

  • The amount of RAM needed for the server. This is determined by the type of game as well the number of players who are going to play the game at a time.
  • The amount of space required to store your results and data. This can vary from 8GB to around 50GBs. This too has a part of dependency on the number of players interested to play and the size of the games.
  • The amount of data transferred should always be unlimited. This is because once you start your server there will be a huge amount of data that gets uploaded and downloaded every now and then.

History and basics of minecraft hosting

The name minecraft was first associated with a video game of same name developed by a Swedish programmer Markus Persson in 2009 to a Swedish company Mojang. The multiplayer game required a server to connect gamers from different location for an online gaming experience.

Minecraft servers exist in a number of archetypes. Archetypes are differentiated by the uniqueness of their gameplay features which spans across a number of factors, including the rules and societal structures which they implement. No two archetypes are exactly the same. However, the gap between two archetypes may become so blurred that they are mistaken to be the same.

Hosting a Minecraft Server

Creating a server for game hosting has been made easy by the developers, Mojang. Servers usually have requirements in order to run efficiently but Mojang reduced the worry by making the server software freely available for different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Unix-like operating systems. The software can be downloaded from

Hosting for Minecraft will require the download and installation of files on a computer server and subsequent connection to the created server. If the server was created on a LAN (Local area Network), only those connected to the local network can access it.

Managing a Minecraft server

What follows a minecraft hosting (especially for the public servers) is the daunting need to have administrators or moderators to protect the server from being hijacked by some users. The roles of administrators in a minecraft server range from banning a player (for unruly behavior) to editing player names and creating backups etc.

There are many websites that offer hosting plans (often employed by game developers which can be helpful when a large group of people are expected to be on the server at the same time) for various fees.